ADI Standards Check Training

£150.00 £99.00

Do you have a Standards Check coming up and feel a little worried? Well we have the answer.

We can provide 1 to 1 training sessions with our former DVSA, ADI Senior Examiner.


We can unlock your true driver training skills and make you among the best in the business.


You will receive bespoke training sessions to enhance your current skills. You can now aim for that

Grade A you have always been longing for! 


Being a driving instructor is more than just a job. It is a profession that provides long term career prospects, requires a true passion for teaching and overall road safety. 

So, if you prefer a training session from our former

SE ADI to update yourself with the new teaching methods and unleash your true potential. These sessions can be arranged for you. 


We cover throughout the Midlands so feel free to give us a call, drop us a WhatsApp or send us an email to have a friendly chat.